Grenfell Tower inquiry: ‘The boxing gym was our home’

As the first phase of the inquiry into what happened at Grenfell Tower, Newsbeat meets the boxers at Dale Youth Boxing Gym, which used to be in the basement of Grenfell Tower. Watch the video and listen to the radio piece below.

Racism in football: FA ‘has to be proactive and modernise’

The FA "has to modernise itself" to be "fit for purpose for the 21st century," says the chairman of its inclusion advisory board. Paul Elliott says the organisation was "reactive" in the past when it came to dealing with racism complaints, but will now be "proactive". "It can get better," he tells Radio 1 Newsbeat. … Continue reading Racism in football: FA ‘has to be proactive and modernise’

Jussie Smollett: WTF? The actor vs the police. An alleged crime… but of assault or fakery? Even President Trump's calling it a national embarrassment. Newsbeat's Imran Rahman-Jones asks What's The Fuss? It's the true story you'd struggle to make up - involving celebrities, police, a city mayor and the most powerful man in America. Best known for … Continue reading Jussie Smollett: WTF?