Imran Rahman-Jones

Journalist, BBC Newsbeat


I’m a journalist working for BBC Newsbeat.

Before July 2018, I was a freelancer, writing mostly for BBC Newsbeat and the Guardian.

Up until June 2017, I was a commissioning editor of Guardian Students. At the moment, I write for BBC Newsbeat, BBC Radio 1/1Xtra’s news service for 16 to 25-year-olds. I also worked for the G2 and Guardian Opinion editorial teams. Judge Rinder once threatened to sue me.

Got a question? Get in touch: either on Twitter, email or LinkedIn.

Selected works:

Video: Floods in Bangladesh, Nepal and India affecting 16 million people. BBC Newsbeat, 29/08/17

How Hope Hicks went from modelling to White House media director at age 28. BBC Newsbeat, 15/08/17

Lily Allen and the row on how Grenfell Tower’s death toll is being reported. BBC Newsbeat, 16/06/17

Judge Rinder: ‘I was a proper nerd as a law student. I was consumed by it’. Guardian Students, 20/04/17

Comedian Rosie Jones: ‘We need flawed disabled characters on TV’. BBC Newsbeat, 13/04/17

Why does Russia support Syria and President Assad? BBC Newsbeat, 11/04/17

Quiz: Who said it, Trump or…? BBC Newsbeat, 17/02/17

What is it like to spend Christmas in prison? BBC Newsbeat, 23/12/16

Being HIV positive: ‘All I could think was that I was going to die’. BBC Newsbeat, 21/11/16

Why inflation hurts more if you’re young. BBC Newsbeat, 02/11/16

The history of the Calais ‘Jungle’ camp and how it’s changed since 1999. BBC Newsbeat, 24/10/16

White People, Blues Music, and the Problem of Cultural Appropriation. 23/10/17

How to get ahead in the office – with help from Team GB’s psychologists. Guardian G2, 10/10/16

How getting more sleep could boost your salary. Guardian G2, 14/08/16


Imran Rahman-Jones Pic: The Guardian
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