World Cup 2018: French social media’s reaction to being World Champions

It may still hurt if you’re an England fan who thought it should have been the Three Lions playing on Sunday night. But France ended up World Cup winners, beating Croatia 4-2, and celebrated in biblical rains. There were parties in the streets, parties in the parks and parties in the bars. And it didn’t take […]

World Cup 2018: How Three Lions is still the definitive England song after 22 years

“Football’s coming home!” It’s the chant that makes a resurgence every time England are in a major tournament. You would have heard it sung it in the streets, seen the memes, even Alan Shearer was chanting it on the BBC on Match of the Day after England’s penalty delighton Tuesday. For the past few years, the song Three […]

World Cup 2018: How will social media affect the England squad?

By Imran Rahman-Jones and Ben Mundy “You’re detached from the outside world. You’re out of your comfort zone. You’ve got to occupy yourself.” That’s how Rio Ferdinand describes the England camp at a World Cup. It presents a challenge to the squad – how do they stay focused and motivated for a month without any […]