NFL protests: Female sports stars are taking a stand too

There’s been a huge amount of coverage over the way NFL stars have been protesting against racial injustice. The protests came after Donald Trump said that players who protested during the anthem should be fired. But before that, female sports stars were already speaking out. Read the full article on BBC Newsbeat.

How do you explain Naked Attraction to Americans?

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen seems to have some questions about British reality TV – and we’re here to answer them. She’s currently in London, tweeting about Naked Attraction, the reality dating show where contestants get naked and are chosen based on their bodies. Or as Chrissy succinctly puts it, “it’s dating based on genitals”. Click here […]

The Trump tweets coming back to haunt him

Donald Trump has endured another turbulent week at the White House – not that his Twitter feed would show it. He tweeted on Monday: “A great day at the White House!” That was after the director of communications became his latest senior staff member to leave – after only 10 days in the job. The Twittersphere noticed that, ironically, Trump […]