Know Your Place: Local areas ranked for under-26s

For the past few months, BBC Newsbeat and the BBC Data Visualisation unit have been working on a big project called Know Your Place. Its main aim is to let under-26s know what their local area is like for things such as rent prices, going out and mental health services. Users can also select their […]

What is the Chequers plan?

🇮🇪 IRELAND One of the trickiest things to solve about Brexit is what happens with the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland #ChequersPlan More 👉 — BBC Newsbeat (@BBCNewsbeat) September 21, 2018 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 PEOPLE The UK wants to control immigration of people from the EU, which it currently can for […]

Moss Side: A history of the Manchester neighbourhood

A shooting in Manchester’s Moss Side area which injured 10 people is being investigated by the police as attempted murder. Moss Side has historically had a reputation for being a neighbourhood of gangs and gun crime – a characterisation historian Dr Charlotte Wildman describes as “unfair”. But it’s not always had that reputation and, in recent years, […]

Northern and Midlands trainee teachers ‘told to change their accents’

By Will Chalk & Imran Rahman-Jones What’s the right way to pronounce “grass”? It’s the never-ending debate you have with your mates from other parts of the country. But a linguist says that trainee teachers with northern or Midlands accents are being told to change their accents and “adopt southern pronunciation”. Click here to read […]

Equal marriage in Northern Ireland: ‘We’re asking to be treated with dignity’

“We’re not asking for the world here,” says Stephen Donnan. “We’re asking for a simple change in the law to let us be treated with dignity. I think once people realise that, then minds start to change.” Stephen’s talking about the campaign to introduce gay marriage into the only UK country where it’s not allowed: […]