Me Too founder Tarana Burke: Movement is not over

By Imran Rahman-Jones and Gurvinder Gill Me Too founder Tarana Burke says Harvey Weinstein being jailed this year was “astonishing” but far from the end of the movement. Tarana began using the phrase “Me Too” in 2006 to raise awareness of women who had been abused. Eleven years later, it found global recognition after a viral […]

BDE: What is big dick energy and who really has it?

Welcome to the internet in 2018 – which has already given us people eating laundry detergent, a man asking if a butterfly was a pigeon and an audio version of #TheDress (it said “yanny”, by the way). It’s now given rise to the newest and weirdest and most important question so far: Who has “big dick energy”? By the way, physical endowment has […]

World Cup 2018: How will social media affect the England squad?

By Imran Rahman-Jones and Ben Mundy “You’re detached from the outside world. You’re out of your comfort zone. You’ve got to occupy yourself.” That’s how Rio Ferdinand describes the England camp at a World Cup. It presents a challenge to the squad – how do they stay focused and motivated for a month without any […]

Social media and censorship in China: how is it different to the West?

China has disrupted WhatsApp in a censorship drive ahead of the government’s Communist Party meeting next month. Other social media platforms, which people in the West use every day, are also banned in mainland China. Instead they’re replaced by other ones which the government can monitor. So what social media platforms are Chinese people able to use? […]