Cassette sales double in a year with Lady Gaga best-selling album on tape

Cassette tape sales are estimated to have doubled this year compared to 2019.  The British Phonographic Industry, which represents record labels, projects 157,000 tapes will have been sold in the UK in 2020. That’s the highest number since 2003, when compilation Now 54 – featuring the likes of Busted, Girls Aloud and Oasis – was […]

Surviving R Kelly makers: ‘This isn’t where the story ends’

When the documentary Surviving R Kelly premiered in New York in December, the screening room had to be evacuated because of an anonymous gun threat. For Jesse Daniels, one of the documentary series’ executive producers, that “was a big wake-up call… that this was very serious”. Read more on BBC Newsbeat.

World Cup 2018: How Three Lions is still the definitive England song after 22 years

“Football’s coming home!” It’s the chant that makes a resurgence every time England are in a major tournament. You would have heard it sung it in the streets, seen the memes, even Alan Shearer was chanting it on the BBC on Match of the Day after England’s penalty delighton Tuesday. For the past few years, the song Three […]

XXXTentacion and the problem of separating art from its artist

By Imran Rahman-Jones and Sinead Garvan XXXTentacion has scored his highest position in the UK’s Official Chart, with his track Sad climbing up to number five. The 20-year-old was shot dead in his car in Florida on 18 June. Radio 1 didn’t play XXXTentacion on its Official Chart Show, even though he currently has three songs in […]

‘What is going on right now?’: Emma Blackery unexpectedly stars at iPhone X launch

“I’ve had the weirdest 12 hours of my life,” says Emma Blackery, after unexpectedly starring during the iPhone X launch. “What happened last night was absolutely crazy,” she tells Newsbeat. “I was at home just watching TV, and suddenly my phone lit up with about 20 of my friends all saying the same thing.” The unsigned […]

White People, Blues Music, and the Problem of Cultural Appropriation

In July 1956, Elvis Presley released what would become his signature song. Hound Dog became absolutely huge. Even now, everybody knows how it goes. Elvis, who was 21 years old, was already well on his way to being a star. But Hound Dog shot him into the stratosphere: the song was simultaneously top of the […]