White People, Blues Music, and the Problem of Cultural Appropriation

In July 1956, Elvis Presley released what would become his signature song. Hound Dog became absolutely huge. Even now, everybody knows how it goes. Elvis, who was 21 years old, was already well on his way to being a star. But Hound Dog shot him into the stratosphere: the song was simultaneously top of the […]

Son of Dave interview: Neil Young left me with a ‘sinking ship of a blues jam’

By Imran Rahman-Jones (@IRahmanJones) and Dan Jones (@Daniel_E_Jones) Finding a place to interview Benjamin Darvill, who goes by the stage name Son of Dave, doesn’t prove easy. His dressing room consists of little more than a sink, a toilet and a shelf, and is just too small. Even though he is tonight’s main act, he […]