XXXTentacion and the problem of separating art from its artist

By Imran Rahman-Jones and Sinead Garvan XXXTentacion has scored his highest position in the UK’s Official Chart, with his track Sad climbing up to number five. The 20-year-old was shot dead in his car in Florida on 18 June. Radio 1 didn’t play XXXTentacion on its Official Chart Show, even though he currently has three songs in […]

BDE: What is big dick energy and who really has it?

Welcome to the internet in 2018 – which has already given us people eating laundry detergent, a man asking if a butterfly was a pigeon and an audio version of #TheDress (it said “yanny”, by the way). It’s now given rise to the newest and weirdest and most important question so far: Who has “big dick energy”? By the way, physical endowment has […]

NFL protests: Female sports stars are taking a stand too

There’s been a huge amount of coverage over the way NFL stars have been protesting against racial injustice. The protests came after Donald Trump said that players who protested during the anthem should be fired. But before that, female sports stars were already speaking out. Read the full article on BBC Newsbeat.